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Title: The one with...a typical Monday morning
Series: WTF
Genre: Humour
Rating: Safe
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone mentioned, the plot is mine however
Summary: Just a normal morning at the Akanishi house. MPREG, AU.

AN: I'm sorry it's so late...and short. But I've had such awful writer's block, I dislike it intensely. But here's hoping the inspires me to write again.

The one with…a typical Monday morning
May 2021
Characters: Jin (36), Kazuya (35), Hayato (14), Ryu and Shuji (13)

Kazuya hummed quietly as he filled the bowls with rice, making sure to give his kids equal amounts lest they have something else to complain about. Jin padded into the kitchen and yawned loudly whilst scratching his stomach; Kazuya gave his husband a small smile and motioned for the older man to grab a couple of bowls. The two lay the bowls on the table then took a seat, Kazuya poured out his own tea before handing the kettle to Jin. They had to ready themselves for the chaos ahead.

It started instantly. They heard a door slam then frantic scrambling. Kazuya closed his eyes and prepared himself for the oncoming headache.

“Hurry up Shuji I need to pee!” Jin was pretty sure even the neighbours heard Hayato scream.  “If you don’t hurry up I’ll pee in your damn bed!” There was a screech in reply and neither adult could decipher what Shuji had said, Hayato had no such problem.

“Yeah!? Well at least I don’t scare away girls!” Kazuya sighed into his cup before taking a sip in a desperate bid to relax.

“Oh please, all the girls think you’re a loser!” They heard a loud bang and Jin pinched the bridge of his nose. They could never have a relaxing morning. Never.

“Hayato stop kicking the door!” Jin winced slightly when he heard his wife scream at his son. Before having kids Kazuya had never raised his voice, and now it was a daily occurrence.

“Mum tell him to get out!” Jin massaged his forehead and desperately fought against the oncoming migraine. Kazuya ran a hand through his hair and was about to get up when they heard another door slam open. Soon there was silence.

“Well, Ryu’s up” Jin gave a weak moan in reply. He couldn’t believe he ever wanted kids. The migraine was approaching at full speed, but since the three had turned into teenagers the migraines had never really stopped. He was just grateful that he only had a few more years before they left the house to bother someone else.

Ah it's so short
Sorry about that
But I'll hopefully have another out soon


Feb. 17th, 2013 07:46 am (UTC)
Ah Jin has it tough
Teenagers are so evil lol
And that sounds awesome
I'll definitely write that up
Thank you ^_^
And thanks for reading and commenting ♥
Feb. 17th, 2013 08:04 am (UTC)
i imagine jin's migraine will get worse to the point he loves kazuya so much and he loves to be bullied by his three musketeers. (sorry jin)