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Title: The one where...Shuji brings a boy home
Series: WTF
Genre: Humour
Rating: Safe
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone mentioned, I do however own the plot
Summary: Shuji brings a boy home and Jin...well Jin is Jin... MPREG. AU

AN: Ah you thought last week was a fluke didn't you? Tut tut shame on you, so little faith...did I mention so did I? XD I honestly just hope that this lasts, I've had writer's block pretty much for a year and I don't trust that it would just disappear like that.

But anyway I hope you enjoy this ^_^

Title: The one where…Shuji brings a boy home
August 2021
Character(s): Akanishi Jin (37), Kazuya (35), Ryu and Shuji (13), Somelastname Takashi (13)

Jin watched the scene closely, he was well hidden behind the counter and Shuji hadn’t noticed him. He watched as the boy giggled at another boy’s jokes, a wide grin raced Shuji’s face and Jin glared at the culprit. The culprit was a boy in Shuji’s class; he was tall and handsome and according to Ryu he was popular amongst the girls in his year. Jin didn’t like him. He didn’t like it when the brat would tell some lame joke that made Shuji’s face light up with happiness, he didn’t like it when Shuji looked at the brat with such adoration and he especially didn’t like it when the brat’s hands would linger on Shuji’s waist. Jin gripped the washcloth tightly as various methods of murder crossed his mind.

“What are you doing down there dad?” Jin looked up and found Ryu staring at him with an eyebrow cocked. He glanced quickly at Shuji before shushing Ryu and motioning him to join, Ryu rolled his eyes but made his way around the counter to squat beside his father.

“You see that?” Jin pointed at the laughing couple “That is a sleazeball at work and it is our duty to free Shuji from said sleazeball” Ryu sighed at his father’s behaviour; of course Jin would be scheming about getting rid of Takashi.

“Shuji can take care of himself” As soon as those words left his mouth Jin’s head whipped around to glare at his son.

“How can you say that? This is your baby brother we’re talking about, your poor innocent baby brother who has been seduced by an evil, ungrateful defiler of innocents” Ryu looked at his father in confusion, the old man hardly made sense on a normal day but when daddy mode was on all rational thought left the man. Ryu just sighed and patted his father’s shoulder.

“Well good luck with whatever this is” Ryu mockingly saluted his father before making his way upstairs, Jin hissed his son’s name in a bid to get his attention but to no avail. Jin glared at Ryu’s retreating back before turning back around to watch Shuji, Shuji wasn’t there however and Jin frowned.

“What are you doing?” Jin jumped slightly and looked up at the source of the question, he inwardly winced when he noticed Shuji standing over him with his hands on his hips and looking exactly like his mother at that moment.

“Ah hm I uh dropped this” He held up the washcloth, hoping that Shuji bought his lie. Shuji rolled his eyes in response.

“Whatever, I’m taking Takashi upstairs so don’t bother us” Shuji glared at his father pointedly and Jin pouted at the treatment. Shuji used to always smile lovingly and adoringly at his papa and now all Jin received was glares and looks of contempt. It was that stupid Takashi’s fault.

Jin watched as Shuji flashed Takashi a bright smile before leading the other boy upstairs, where they would be alone. Jin scrambled to his feet and made to follow but a hand stopped him from making his way upstairs. He looked over to his wife who was glaring at him, knowing exactly what Jin was about to do.

“Don’t even think about it Bakanishi, Shuji likes this boy and if you try anything funny he’ll hate you forever” Jin deflated and pouted at his long suffering wife, he was about to whine but Kazuya clamped his lips shut before he could even let out a whimper. Jin gave Kazuya his puppy eyes but the other man had long grown immune to them.

“You stay down here and I’ll spy on them” Jin nodded, his sound of agreement was muffled by Kazuya’s fingers but the younger man understood none the less. He let go of Jin’s lips then tapped them lightly with a wink.  Jin gave Kazuya a dopey grin, he knew there was a reason he loved this man. Kazuya patted Jin’s head then made his way upstairs to spy on the boy he insisted he trusted.

Ah again it's so short
But I hope the next one is long enough *winknudgewinkwinknudge*
What? I have a twitch
I've been surrounded by soul sucking brats recently, I think it's affected me

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