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Title: The one where...the twins are born
Series: WTF
Genre: Humour, Fluff
Rating: Safe
Disclaimer: I only own Saito-san, everyone else belongs to themselves. I do however own this plot.
Summary: Kazuya begins to throw up without feeling feverish, oh my, I wonder what this could mean? MPREG, AU.

AN: To be honest the title is pretty self explanatory so a sarcastic summary is clearly needed XD It's a little later than I intended but I've been busy playing nurse as well as battling the financial aid agency for university. They must only hire idiots in these places, seriously. But it is finally here, so enjoy whilst I pass out over here.

The one where…the twins are born
9th August 2007 - 16th April 2008
Jin (23), Kame (21-22), Hayato (13-20mths), Ryu and Shuji (nb), Tatsuya (24-25), Yamapi (22-23), Keiko (20-21)

Jin yawned and stretch, he sighed in satisfaction when he heard his back crack. It had been a long day and Jin couldn’t wait to get home to his beloved son and fiancée (yes, fiancée! Jin had finally managed to save up enough money for a decent engagement ring). His attention was brought to a group of girls who were giggling to each other and shooting him sly looks, he wasn’t going to deny it: he enjoyed the attention he got from other people. Not that he would ever cheat on Kazuya (he actually enjoyed having man parts) but it was nice to know that even though he was a dad he could still get such looks.

“I’ll tell Kame-chan” Jin raised an eyebrow at his best friend who was grinning wolfishly at him. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed you shooting looks at those girls” Jin narrowed his eyes at Yamapi who simply smiled at him sunnily.

“What girls?” Both men jumped slightly and turned around to see Kazuya who was glaring at them. Hayato was asleep in his pram, his head lolling to one side and his mouth open in a silent snore. Yamapi cleared his throat before excusing himself to serve the customers; he did not want to be caught in the path of Kazuya’s wrath. Jin glared at the retreating back of his best friend before turning back to his fiancée (fiancée!) and giving Kazuya a slight smile.

“Those girls over there keep giggling at me, it’s annoying” Kazuya frowned at Jin’s explanation but that frown soon turned into a smirk as the man reached over and grabbed Jin by the collar.

“How about I show them just who you belong to?” Jin gulped at the manic twinkle in Kazuya’s eye, as cute as he was Kazuya was kind of crazy. Kazuya crashed their lips together and Jin had the distinct feeling that if he showed any signs of resistance that he would be sleeping on the sofa tonight. He could hear the gasps of the girls and felt his fiancée smirk against his lips, to be honest Jin didn’t really care because Kazuya’s tongue was doing wonderful things and it had been so long since they last had sex.

Satisfied with his work Kazuya broke the kiss, noting happily that Jin chased after his lips. Kazuya gave the older man a small peck before turning around and checking on Hayato. Jin inwardly groaned, he could feel Jin-Jin straining against his trousers, and he did not want to walk around with a raging erection. Jin looked up towards the ceiling and cursed his lack of self-control, although it wasn’t his fault: his fiancée was one seductive little minx. He tried his hardest to calm himself down and didn’t notice his boss come from the kitchen to greet Kazuya.

“Ah Kazuya-kun, looking as beautiful as ever” Kazuya blushed slightly and smiled shyly at the old man, Jin always thought that Kazuya secretly had a crush on his boss which was kind of creepy. He bowed politely at the man and thanked him for the compliment.

“And Hayato is looking as handsome as ever, my wife will be disappointed she missed him” Kazuya grinned at Yamada-san and bowed slightly in thanks.

“So why are you here? Checking up on Bakanishi?” Yamapi popped up behind Kazuya and shot a smirk towards Jin, knowing how much the other hated his infamous nickname. Jin glared at Yamapi but before he could complain Kazuya interrupted.

“Actually I came here to bring auntie a cake, I wanted to thank her for the soup” At the mention of cake both Yamapi and Jin perked up, and were instantly drawn to the plastic bag carrying something that looked an awful lot like a cake. Kazuya took the bag from the pram and handed it to Yamada-san who accepted it with a bow.

“Ah thank you but you didn’t have to, Ayumi loves helping out” Kazuya waved his hand in front of his face and smiled at the old man.

“It was nothing really, I’ve been having a craving for sponge cake recently and mum has had an obsession with baking recently” Jin rolled his eyes at the mention of his mother, the woman always had some random obsession before she got bored of it and moved onto another; he was just glad the Korean obsession will have stopped now. Yamada-san laughed slightly and bowed his head before going into the kitchen to put the cake away. Yamapi and Jin pouted after the cake they weren’t going to get a chance to eat. Yamapi then turned to Kazuya who was busy making sure Hayato was comfortable.

“Cravings? Don’t only pregnant people get cravings?” At the mention of pregnant Jin choked on his own saliva and turned to Kazuya with wide eyes. Kazuya just rolled his eyes and stood up to face the other men.

“Don’t be ridiculous, everyone gets cravings and a perfect example of that is your best friend over there” Jin pointed to himself and looked at his fiancée with wide eyes. Yamapi looked the older man over, his eyes lingering on Jin’s stomach for longer than Jin felt comfortable with.

“Explains a lot” Although it was a mumble Jin still heard it and he opened his mouth to protest but  he was oh so rudely interrupted by a slap to the back of the head. Jin clutched his head in pain and whined at the treatment.

“I pay you to cook and wait tables not stand around and whine” Jin sent a glare at his boss before stepping forward to press a small peck onto the very amused Kazuya’s lips and heading back into the kitchen. Yamapi watched Jin get scolded with a happy smile which soon faded when the old man set his sights on him; he gulped then went back to waiting tables. When he was assured that his employees were doing their job he turned to Kazuya with a friendly smile.

“Take a seat, I’ll serve you up some ramen” Kazuya made to protest but Yamada-san held up his head to silence the younger man. “I won’t take no for an answer, now sit” Kazuya bowed his head in thanks before pushing the pram by the little table by the kitchen; Kazuya took a seat then checked it Hayato was still sound asleep. The little boy suddenly scrunched up his face and curled his fists into a ball; he let out a wide yawn then blearily opened his eyes. When the light hit his eyes he squeezed them shut up before looking up at his mother with wide eyes.

“Was that a good sleep?” Hayato just yawned in response to his mother’s question, Kazuya smiled as he watched the baby struggle to fully awaken. He unclipped Hayato and held out his hands, silently asking the little boy if he wanted up. Hayato instantly pushed himself forward into his mother’s hands; Kazuya pulled the baby into his lap and kissed his pudgy cheeks. Hayato laid his head on his mother’s chest and yawned once more, he rubbed his eyes and pouted at his mother who gave the boy a look of amusement.

“Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t wake you up” Kazuya kissed the top of Hayato’s head and gently rubbed the boys back; the last thing he needed was a screaming baby in a restaurant full of customers.

Kazuya frowned as he looked around: now that he thought about it the restaurant was much fuller than usual. It was pretty much filled to the brim with girls and the ones who weren’t trying to get Yamapi’s attention were craning to get a better look into the kitchen. Kazuya narrowed his eyes as he realised why they were here. Although he could feel jealousy building up he trusted Jin, well he trusted that Jin wanted to keep his balls, and besides the show he put on would surely let those old hags know who Jin belonged to.

“So Kame-chan” Kazuya twitched slightly as he heard Yamapi’s voice manifest seemingly out of nowhere: the man was like a ninja. “I don’t suppose you have any of that cake left” Kazuya smirked at Yamapi’s failed attempt to hide his desire for cake.

“Hm I might have” Yamapi instantly perked up. Kazuya really wanted to tease his old friend but he looked like a hopeful puppy and maybe it was motherly instincts but Kazuya didn’t want to quash that hope. Instead he smiled at Yamapi.

“I’d tell Jin to bring in some for you tomorrow but that idiot will probably eat it, come round after your shift tonight and I’ll give you some” Yamapi’s entire face lit up with happiness and Kazuya couldn’t help but laugh when the man literally skipped off to take customer’s orders.

“Papa!” Kazuya’s attention was brought back to Hayato who was currently struggling furiously to get out of his mother’s hold and run off to greet his father who he could see through the door.

“Papa is working in the kitchen sweetheart; it’s too dangerous for you to go in there” Kazuya tightened his hold on the baby so he wouldn’t slip away. Upon hearing his mother’s words Hayato instantly began screaming, Kazuya pulled the boy up so he was standing up and facing his mother.

“Akanishi Hayato that is enough, you’ll see your papa when he’s finished and if you don’t stop screaming this instant you won’t be getting any chocolate” Hayato quietened down and glared at his mother who looked at him sternly, as if to test his mother’s threat the baby opened his mouth again as if to scream but one look from Kazuya made him close it again. Instead he pouted and gave his mother the puppy dog eyes.

“Good boy, now sit down nice and you can have some of mama’s ramen” Hayato followed his mother’s orders and Kazuya smiled before kissing the top of the baby’s head. Yamapi came to their table and set down the ramen then winked at the sulking baby.

“And here is the ever so pretty Kame-chan’s ramen along with; oh my I wonder what this could be?” Kazuya watched with a cocked eyebrow as Yamapi dug into his pockets and pulled out a brightly coloured lollypop.

“A lollypop! I wonder who I should give it to?” Hayato bounced in his Kazuya’s lap and babbled excitedly when he saw the sweet. “Should I give it to mama? Papa?” Yamapi then gasped dramatically. “Should I keep it?” Whilst Yamapi was stalling Hayato was getting more and more impatient, he shouted at his uncle who chuckled before handing the lollypop to the now very happy boy.

“Of course it could only be Haya-chan’s” Hayato shoved the sweet into his mouth, wrapper and all. Both Kazuya and Yamapi laughed at the confused frown on Hayato’s face, Kazuya took the lollypop and unwrapped it before handing it back to the baby.

“What do you say to uncle Pi?” Hayato let out a muffled thank you to Yamapi who laughed and ruffled the baby’s hair before going back to work. With Hayato occupied Kazuya placed him onto another seat then Kazuya began to eat the piping hot ramen.

13th August – 3 Weeks

Jin winced at the sound of retching, he tried to distract himself by playing Hayato but the sound was still getting to him. Jin wasn’t the only one uncomfortable with the sound of Kazuya being sick; his father was trying to discreetly cover his ears whilst Reio covered his mouth with his fist. He couldn’t understand why Kazuya was so loud. The sound of retching stopped and Jin heard the toilet being flushed, a few minutes later Kazuya came into the living room followed by Jin’s mother.

“Are you sure you aren’t coming down with the flu?” Kazuya sighed and ruffled his hair before answering the woman.

“I’m not sure, I’ve been pretty tired these past few days” Jin’s mother lead the man and gently guided him to sit down, she felt his forehead to check for fever but frowned when it felt perfectly fine.

“You don’t have a fever, maybe you just have an upset stomach” She then left the room no doubt to make tea for her precious Kazuya. Jin pouted: she treated Kazuya so much better than she treated him, his only consolation was that she also treated Kazuya better than Reio.

4th September – 6 Weeks

“Congratulations Kamenashi-san you’re pregnant” Kazuya groaned when he heard the doctor’s words, he had suspected for the past few days that he might be pregnant but to have it confirmed…

“Again?” He muttered it quietly but the doctor heard it and smiled slightly. Kazuya sighed but smiled at the doctor and thanked him before leaving the office. He inwardly cursed Jin, why did that man have to be so damn fertile? Kazuya would have to get him snipped at the end of this.

25th September – 9 weeks

“Oh come on what was that!?” Jin shouted at the television whilst Yamapi snorted in disgust, the two men were watching a football match whilst Kazuya was bathing Hayato. Jin’s parents had gone to an onsen for the weekend so the little family had the house to themselves. Kazuya then came into the living room with a freshly washed Hayato who was wearing little turtle pyjamas.

“Look at this” Kazuya put Hayato down onto the floor then bent down so he was at the baby’s eye level. “Where’s Haya-chan’s belly?” Instantly a wide grin graced Hayato’s face, he lifted up his pyjama top and showed everyone his pudgy belly. Kazuya went to sit down on the sofa whilst Hayato walked around the room proudly showing off his belly, clearly enjoying the attention he was getting. Hayato made his way to Jin who was held out his hands to the baby, but Hayato ignored them and instead reached for Jin’s top.

“You want to see papa’s belly?” Jin lifted up his top which amused Hayato greatly before he caught sight of Jin’s chest hair, the little boy stared at the hair on Jin’s chest with fascination and disgust. He looked at Kazuya as if to confirm with his mother that his papa did indeed have some weird thing on his chest. Yamapi enjoyed this greatly, he was laughing at the disgusted baby and the pouting Jin.

“I know Haya-chan who wants to see that fat belly?” Yamapi then lifted up his own top to reveal his (newly waxed) stomach.  Hayato left his sulking father in favour of Yamapi, once he reached his uncle Hayato slapped the man’s belly with a giggle. Yamapi smirked at Jin but soon grimaced when Hayato dug his finger into Yamapi’s belly button.

“Hayato look at papa’s belly” Jin drummed his belly in an attempt to bring Hayato’s attention to him, the baby did look at him but he still stayed with his uncle.

“Ha! Of course Haya-chan prefers me, Kame-chan why don’t we just get married and leave Jin alone” Yamapi flashed an irresistible (so he thought) smile to Kazuya who just raised an eyebrow at his friend, Jin instantly began to squawk in protest. The battle for Hayato’s attention was dropped as the two supposedly grown men began arguing about whose belly was the best.

“Idiots” Kazuya rolled his eyes and muttered, he hoped Hayato wouldn’t take after his father too much. The little baby watched fascinated as his father and uncle were showing off their bellies to each other. Kazuya couldn’t help but smile at the scene. Hayato soon got bored of the two men and waddled over to his mother who scooped him up and cuddled him.

“Ah you’re so cute” Kazuya rubbed his nose against Hayato’s which caused the baby to giggle, Hayato then began to tug at Kazuya’s top in an attempt to see his mother’s belly. Kazuya smiled and shifted Hayato slightly then lifted his top up and revealed his stomach which didn’t yet show signs of pregnancy.

“Baby?” Kazuya hummed in confirmation and kissed the baby’s head; Hayato then bent down and placed a sloppy kiss on Kazuya’s stomach just like he had seen his father do many times. “Hi baby” Kazuya bit his lip as he tried not to cry, his hormones were all over place and it didn’t help that Hayato was being so damn cute.

16th October – 12 weeks

“Kamenashi Kazuya” The nurse called Kazuya’s name and both Jin and Kazuya stood up to go into the doctor’s office, as Kazuya stood up a wave of dizziness hit him and he clutched onto Jin’s arm for support. Jin wrapped an arm around Kazuya’s waist and waited for the younger man to give the okay before he moved. Kazuya closed his eyes and waited for the dizziness to pass, he just hoped he wouldn’t vomit in a waiting room full of people. Once the dizziness had passed Kazuya opened his eyes and gave Jin a weary smile.

“You alright?” Jin looked at his fiancée with worry but Kazuya just nodded and moved out of Jin’s arms. He had been experiencing dizziness for the past few days, it was odd because he was rarely dizzy when pregnant with Hayato but with this baby it seemed like every time he stood up he felt faint.

The couple followed the nurse into the hallway as they made their way into the doctor’s office, with Jin watching Kazuya like a hawk in case the younger man collapsed or threw up. The nurse showed them the office and bowed as she opened the door and let them in. The office looked the same as ever, with family photographs and children’s drawings littering the small space. Kazuya did notice some new ones though. The doctor was preparing the ultrasound but as the couple walked in he stood up and greeted them.

“Ah Kamenashi-san, Akanishi-san I do apologise for the delay” Kazuya smiled at the doctor but Jin glared at the handsome man; this was the same man who delivered Hayato and Jin didn’t like the fact that Kazuya would be around him again. Doctors didn’t need to be so damn handsome. The doctor motioned for Kazuya to lay down on the bed whilst he readied the machine, whilst Kazuya climbed onto the bed Jin sat down on the available chair.

“I’m sure I don’t need to talk you through this so I’ll just go right ahead, unless you have any questions” Kazuya shook his head at the doctor but Jin frowned and looked at the man.

“Kazuya has been getting dizzy spells just about every time he stands up, he didn’t get them when he was pregnant with Hayato though” It wasn’t a question but Jin still wanted to make his worries clear, the doctor hummed and reached out to get the gel.

“Dizziness is pretty common in the early stages of pregnancy so you have nothing to worry about, if I remember correctly you only really had nausea when you were pregnant with your first child” He looked to Kazuya for confirmation and the man nodded.

“Well during the next few weeks you could experience dizziness, nausea, fatigue as well as pain around your abdomen as it grows but each of these are completely normal and shouldn’t be cause for worry” Kazuya nodded in understanding but Jin was still frowning; he hadn’t been able to go to Hayato’s check-ups so he wanted to get the most out of these appointments.

“So what should be worrying?” The doctor spread the gel onto Kazuya’s stomach before answering Jin.

“Bleeding, severe abdominal cramps and the sudden absence of symptoms are signs of a miscarriage however bleeding and cramps also happen in a healthy pregnancy. If anything is wrong with the baby then the ultrasound and blood tests will find it out, although it is unlikely that the baby is anything other than healthy” Jin seemed pacified with the explanation and he stayed quiet as the doctor used the ultrasound to find the unborn child.

Jin and Kazuya watched the screen with bated breath; Jin had only ever seen the scan pictures of Hayato so this kind of thing was entirely new. When the doctor frowned Kazuya looked at Jin with worry, the older man tried to give a reassuring smile but it came out as a sort of grimace. They held their breath as the doctor quietly moved the probe around Kazuya’s stomach. Eventually he settled on one place and faced the expectant parents.

“I’m sure this will come as a shock but it would appear that you are carrying twins” Both Jin and Kazuya stared at the doctor with wide eyes.

“They seem to be covering each other but there are definitely two babies in there” Jin and Kazuya were in a state of shock and remained such a way until they were going home. Neither of them remembered what happened after finding out about the twins. They stayed silent until they were halfway home; Kazuya seemed to be pulled out of his state of shock and turned to Jin in the car.

“There are two of them” Jin just stared out onto the road, barely registering what Kazuya said. He just nodded with a blank look across his face.

“We’re going to have three children Jin” Again Jin nodded.

“Jin, we’re going to be outnumbered” This made Jin turn to Kazuya with an open mouth, his eyes widened as he realised what this meant for them. Hayato alone was already hard work, but in a few months there would be three of them. It was the two of them against three babies. The rest of the journey home was spent in silence as each man tried to think of a way to cope against three babies.

31st October – 14 weeks

Kazuya swatted the hand that was currently reaching out for the apple pie, the offender pouted at Kazuya but the younger man just glared. Yamapi pouted even more which made his fangs protrude from his mouth.

“Wait for the guests” Yamapi sighed and threw a longing look at the pie before leaving the kitchen to play with Hayato, his cape swishing as he went. Kazuya smiled at the retreating back before going back to stove.

Jin’s mother decided to throw a Halloween party, Kazuya wasn’t sure how all of the guests would fit in the house but he was glad for the distraction. Kazuya sighed when he remembered that Jin was working yet again; as well as working at the restaurant Jin had taken on a part-time job and took up as many small jobs as he could find. It was only for a little while and Kazuya knew that, but Hayato would ask for his papa when it came to bedtime and it broke Kazuya’s heart to tell the little boy that his papa was working again.

“Kame-chan your mother is here” Yamapi popped his head into the kitchen and Kazuya nodded “And please tell her to stop groping me” Kazuya groaned; that woman just couldn’t keep her hands to herself.

21st November – 16 weeks

Jin impatiently tapped his fingers against the steering wheel as he waited for the traffic to disperse, he resisted the temptation to sound the horn and shout profanities at the slow bastards in front of him. Kazuya sighed and looked out of the window with boredom clear on his face, Jin looked at his lover worriedly: it had taken all his persuasive power and double puppy dog eyes with Hayato to convince Kazuya to take this trip.

“Why don’t you just tell me where we’re going?” Kazuya gave his fiancée a withering glare and Jin gulped.

“Just trust me okay, I want it to be a surprise” Kazuya glared at Jin hatefully.

“I’m pregnant and sore and incredibly irritable right now Bakanishi” Jin gulped and nodded quickly but otherwise kept his mouth shut. Kazuya sighed and resumed looking out of the window whilst Jin inwardly cheered when the car in front of him moved.

They spent another two hours driving, it would’ve taken half the time normally but Kazuya had to pee constantly, until they reached their destination. Jin parked the car in a public garage before unbuckling his seatbelt and getting out, Kazuya followed but was confused about what was going on. They walked around the car where they were faced with an unassuming little marketplace with numerous shops lining the streets, Kazuya looked at Jin with confusion but the older man just smiled. They walked up the street when Jin suddenly stopped and turned to Kazuya.

“What do you think of the place?” Jin looked at Kazuya with such hopeful eyes.

“It’s nice I guess” Kazuya looked around the area before turning to Jin with furrowed brows. “Why are we here?” Jin instantly grinned then took Kazuya’s hands in his own.

“You know that little place that’s boarded up?” Jin pointed at said place and Kazuya nodded hesitantly. “We’re going to raise three boys there” Kazuya looked at Jin with confusion; he really didn’t understand what Jin was talking about. Jin just grinned.

“I bought it Kazuya, it has shop space on the ground floor and upstairs is a place for us to stay” Kazuya’s eyes instantly widened when he realised what Jin was saying, he squealed and threw himself at Jin who caught him despite the protruding belly.

“How on earth did you manage that? Even with all the extra work you’ve been doing it isn’t enough to get a lease, I mean are you serious?” Jin smiled at his lover as Kazuya babbled; he pecked the younger man gently which silenced him. Kazuya looked up at Jin with teary eyes.

“You’re really serious about this?” Jin nodded and Kazuya buried his head in the crook of Jin’s neck to hide his tears. They had been waiting for this moment for so many years and now that it was finally here Kazuya couldn’t believe it. Once Kazuya calmed down he separated from Jin and looked around once more.

“It took so long to get here, what about our parents?” Jin winced slightly, he hadn’t thought of that.

“It should usually take around four hours, and they can always stay over or there are small inns around the place” Kazuya bit his lip unsurely; he looked around trying to picture Hayato and the twins running about causing trouble. He smiled when he pictured Hayato running into the cake stand by the bakery, and the twins no doubt breaking something. He took a deep breath and turned to Jin with a smile.

“It just means you don’t have to be molested so often by my mother right?” Jin chuckled and pulled Kazuya into a hug, he kissed the top of Kazuya’s and they both gazed upon their future home.

12th December – 19 weeks

Kazuya let out a nervous breath as he patted down the kimono, his mother was currently fixing his hair but once she finished she held his hand and smiled at his reflection in the mirror.

“Stop fussing, you look beautiful” Kazuya snorted at his mother and the woman just rolled her eyes.

“I look like a whale” Kazuya’s mother gently spanked his bottom before going to drink some water.

“We chose a kimono specifically so your stomach could not be seen, and despite your delusion it has covered up your pregnancy very well” Kazuya pouted but it went unseen, he carefully stepped off of the podium before waddling over to his mother.

“Did you really have to make my hair so girly though?” The woman looked at her son as if he was stupid, he rolled his eyes at her before looking back at his reflection in the mirror. He winced slightly as he felt pain shooting up his leg, his mother noticed and instantly grabbed the man’s hand.

“You still have leg cramps?” Kazuya nodded. It wasn’t only the cramps though; everything ached, his stomach and thighs were itchy and he was absolutely starving despite having lunch just half an hour before. He felt completely awful and this was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, it sure as hell didn’t feel like it.

“The ceremony is about to begin” Yuichiro popped his head into the dressing room, when he saw Kazuya his eyes widened. Kazuya opened out his arms as if to ask how he looked, Yuichiro grinned at his baby brother and gave a thumbs up before disappearing.

“See, even your Neanderthal brother recognises how beautiful you look right now” Kazuya rolled his eyes at his mother before leaving the room.

 His father was in the hallway waiting for him, and when he caught sight of Kazuya the man took a shaky breath before stepping forward and grasping his son’s arm gently. His mother pecked both Kazuya and his father’s cheek before going down the hallway and into the chapel. Kazuya’s father proudly led his son down the hallway to the entrance of the chapel, Kazuya took a deep breath before the doors were open and he saw Jin in his own kimono standing next to the priest. It was a little imposing to be in an actual Catholic church, and even more frightening that Jin’s grandfather was sitting stoically at the front. Kazuya took another deep breath and nodded at his father who smiled and began to guide Kazuya down the aisle.

25th December – 21 weeks

Kazuya snuggled closer to Jin, trying to get as close as he could without his belly getting in the way. He frowned slightly when he heard small thumping sounds but ignored it in favour of continuing to rest. Jin smelled so good and, he wasn’t sure if it was the hormones, but Kazuya could not get enough of the older man’s scent. Jin’s arm tightened around Kazuya’s waist and he pecked the other man’s head.

“Kazu, we need to get up” Kazuya shook his head and buried it into the crook of Jin’s neck, Jin chuckled breathily before placing small butterfly kisses all over Kazuya’s face in an attempt to wake him up. Kazuya pushed away Jin’s face and rolled over on his side, Jin smiled before sighing and getting out of bed to attend to Hayato who was happily kicking his feet in his cot. Upon seeing his father Hayato grinned widely and shakily stood up, Jin picked up the little boy and kissed his cheek before grinning mischievously at his stubborn wife.

“Want to wake up mama?” Hayato nodded and giggled, Kazuya instantly groaned upon hearing this and he sat up to glare at his two boys.

“I hate you so much” Jin rolled his eyes then winked at Hayato who had put out his arms to Kazuya. Jin made his way over to the bed and plopped the little boy down onto it, Hayato instantly made his way to Kazuya who scooped up the baby and kissed him.

“Ready to open presents sweetheart?” Upon hearing the word presents Hayato instantly began wriggling out of Kazuya’s hold with a big smile. Kazuya set the baby down on the floor and the boy ran out of the room, Jin made a startled noise then chased after him.

“Haya-chan, you can’t just run away” Jin disappeared out of the room leaving Kazuya to sigh and rub his tired eyes. He couldn’t get to sleep last night because the twins wouldn’t stop moving, Kazuya was pretty sure they were fighting actually. With one last deep sigh Kazuya heaved himself off of the bed and made his way out of the bedroom, he went into the kitchen where Jin’s mother was making breakfast.

“Need some help?” The woman jumped slightly then turned around, she gave her son-in-law a sheepish smile.

“Could you carry the tea in please?” Kazuya smiled at the woman then reached toward the tea tray, a sharp slap to the hand stopped him however.

“Minami, don’t tell me you’re making poor Kazuya-kun carry this in his condition” Kazuya jumped when he heard Jin’s grandmother, he did not see her at all. The woman was like a ninja: she appeared out of nowhere to scold people. Kazuya tried to tell her it was okay but the woman held up a hand to silence him. Jin’s mother rolled her eyes but held her tongue; Kazuya was so glad his mother was nothing like this woman.

“Now then why don’t you go into the living room and I’ll bring this in” Kazuya gave the old woman a strained smile, he flashed a look he hoped looked comforting to his mother-in-law before leaving the room.

“Ma!” A little ball of energy ran into Kazuya and he would have fallen backwards if he wasn’t as used to this. Jin looked at the scene with wide eyes; he was worried for Kazuya’s safety sure but his grandmother would kill him if Kazuya got hurt.

“Hayato I told you not to run in the house” Hayato pouted up at his mother who chuckled and picked the little boy up. Hayato bent down to kiss Kazuya’s belly, Kazuya bit his lip and tried not to squeal at the cuteness. Satisifed with his work Hayato tried to wriggle out his Kazuya’s hold but the man held firm.

“I don’t think so little man; you greet the babies but not me? Mama’s hurt” Kazuya pouted at the baby who pouted right back, eventually Hayato flung his arms around Kazuya’s neck and gave his mother a sloppy kiss. Satisfied, Kazuya let the little boy down and made his way to the couch to sit down.

He smiled as he watched Jin help Hayato rip open the presents; it was hard to tell who was more excited. He had never had a western Christmas so it was a little strange but Hayato obviously loved it and Kazuya was happy with anything that made the baby smile like that. He was also pretty excited about eating that turkey, he was absolutely starving and he was sure he could finish that bad boy before the others could even consider having seconds.

22nd January – 25 weeks

Jin rolled onto his back and looked up at the ceiling, he was so tired but that god awful noise from next to him was keeping him awake. He looked over at Kazuya who was snoring so loudly Jin was surprised the neighbours hadn’t complained. He groaned and rolled back onto his side, this time bringing the pillow over to cover his ears. No luck.

Jin let out a long groan before he resigned himself to his fate, he picked up his pillow and the comforter then made his way out of the bedroom. The couch may not be the best place to sleep, but an uncomfortable sleep was better than no sleep.

13th February – 28 weeks

Kazuya waddled around the unfurnished living room chasing after Hayato who was due for a bath, the little baby squealed happily as he ran away from his heavily pregnant mother. His escape was cut short however when he was scooped up by Yamapi, Hayato screamed and tried to wriggle out of his uncle’s hold but the man held strong. Kazuya made his way over to the pair; he scowled at Hayato before taking the squealing toddler.

“Akanishi Hayato I told you not to run away from mama, no sweets for you tomorrow” Hayato instantly began screaming but Kazuya just ignored the noisy boy, Yamapi winced at the high pitched noise and thanked the stars that he didn’t have children.

“I am far too big to be running around after this one, where’s Bakanishi?” Kazuya trained his eyes on Yamapi who gulped; although the younger man looked innocent enough Yamapi knew what that little glint meant. And he most certainly wasn’t taking the hit for Jin.

“He’s just finishing up downstairs” Kazuya tsked at the answer “Is it really so different from being pregnant with one?” Kazuya raised an eyebrow at Yamapi, the older man looked at the very big stomach before smiling sheepishly.

“I’ll tell you something, the constipation I had with Hayato was nothing: I haven’t went in over two weeks” With that Kazuya left to bathe Hayato, satisfied with giving Yamapi far too much information and punishing him for just being there.

23rd February – 30 weeks

Jin blew a strand of hair from his face as he tapped his finger on the table; Kazuya rolled his eyes at his husband’s impatience. It was Kazuya’s birthday so the little family were staying in Tokyo with Jin’s parents for the weekend and Yamapi had decided to treat the couple to dinner as part of a double date. He had suddenly done a complete one-eighty on this Keiko girl and insisted that the two meet her. Suddenly Yamapi appeared at the doorway with a very pretty girl, when he caught sight of them he waved and made his way over. Jin looked at his best friend with a raised eyebrow; he was pretty impressed with how pretty this girl was.

“Sorry we’re late, the taxi driver was so damn slow” Kazuya waved off the apology and smiled at the girl.

“You must be Keiko then, Yamapi hasn’t shut up about you” Keiko blushed and playfully slapped Yamapi’s arm. The man just smiled at her with a dopey grin.

“These are my best friends; Akanishi Jin and Kazuya” Both Jin and Kazuya bowed their head in greeting.

“I’m Kitagawa Kieko, it’s nice to meet you” She bowed at the two men whilst Yamapi pulled out her seat for her “Ah actually I have to use the ladies’, sorry I’ll just be a sec” Yamapi grinned at her retreating back which caused Jin and Kazuya to look at each other with raised eyebrows.

“She seems nice, she’s pretty” Yamapi sat down then grinned at Kazuya and nodded giddily.

“I thought the whole nice thing was boring for you though” Jin raised an eyebrow at his best friend who waved him off and then ignored him in favour of watching Keiko.

The three then watched as a hand came out to grope Keiko who, instead of ignoring it like most or turning to Yamapi for help, turned around and hooked the man across the jaw. The man fell onto the floor and Keiko turned up her nose and stepped on his crotch before continuing to the bathroom.

“I’m going to marry her” Yamapi watched this entire scene with a lovesick grin on his face whilst Jin and Kazuya watched with wide eyed confusion. They looked from Yamapi to each other and silently wondered just who the hell Yamapi was going out with.

13th March – 33 weeks

Kazuya squatted with some difficulty to pick up Jin’s sweatpants from the floor, he grunted with the effort but smiled triumphantly when he managed to pick them up. That triumph was cut short however when he fell over onto his backside, causing the laundry basket to fall and spill its contents. Kazuya looked at the pile of clothes and felt the tears spring; he was so fat and clumsy and it seemed like he couldn’t do anything right.

Suddenly the fire alarm started beeping and Kazuya could see smoke coming from the kitchen, he used the wall to help himself stand up and waddled into the kitchen. Cursing he took the oven mitt from the counter and opened the oven only to be bombarded with smoke. He quickly took the tray and put it into the sink before running the tap to drench the charred food. Kazuya sank down onto the floor and held his head in his hands as he furiously sobbed. Hayato then began crying so Kazuya wiped the tears and tried to get up using the cabinet but failed miserably. Instantly the tears began again: he couldn’t clean, he couldn’t look after his son and now he couldn’t even remember if he put something in the oven.

“Kazuya! Are you alright?” Jin came rushing into the kitchen because of the alarm only to be faced with Kazuya sobbing hysterically. Cursing he went out into the hall to turn off the fire alarm then came back into the kitchen.

“Kazu love, what happened?” Instead of answering Kazuya just started sobbing more heavily, Jin bit his lip before taking a hold of Kazuya’s arms. “I’ll help you into the living room” With some difficulty Jin helped Kazuya stand up and guided him into the living room where he gently sat the crying man down onto the couch.

“Just stay there sweetheart, I’ll put Hayato back to bed” Kazuya’s crying had lessened and he nodded miserably at his husband.

Within a few minutes the house was silent as Jin had managed to quieten Hayato and get the baby back to sleep; something that as his mother Kazuya should have been able to do. Jin came back into the living room and sat down next to Kazuya, instantly pulling his wife into his arms and letting the other cry into his chest. When Kazuya calmed down the two continued to sit in silence, with just Kazuya’s sniffles, eventually Kazuya broke the silence.

“I feel so useless” Jin looked at his wife in alarm; he looked so heartbroken and sad and it caused an ache in Jin’s chest. “I’m too fat and clumsy to clean up, I’m too fat and slow to look after Hayato and now I can’t even cook because I forget everything” Fresh tears sprang in Kazuya’s eyes, Jin kissed the top of the other man’s head.

“You’re not fat and this is all normal pregnancy stuff, you’ve nothing to be upset over” Kazuya bit his lip and looked away “You were forgetful and clumsy when you were pregnant with Hayato, you tripped over everything remember? You almost gave me a heart attack every time you came to greet me and would trip over your feet” Kazuya sighed; Jin was right and he knew that but the other man just couldn’t understand.

When he was pregnant with Hayato he had the help of Jin’s mother as well as his own and the two women made sure Kazuya wasn’t too stressed, but now he was alone and so far from help. It also didn’t help that he had barely slept in the past few weeks and everything was swollen and sore. He so desperately wanted to ask for help from the two women but he refused to be a burden again, plus he didn’t want to admit that this was too hard. Everyone around them poked at them and joked about how they wouldn’t be able to make it alone after living with Jin’s mother for so long and Kazuya refused to prove them right. Even if it seemed like they were.

3rd April – 36 weeks

Kazuya smiled at the babbling coming from Hayato who was content with smiling at passers-by and getting attention from pretty much every woman who walked past. The boy was shaping up to be a little charmer, and Kazuya could already tell he was going to be as much a heartbreaker as his father. Kazuya had finished organising Hayato’s new bedroom as well as the rest of the house; although he was tired and sore he couldn’t sit still and so decided that a shopping trip was needed. He supposed this was the nesting instinct kicking in and Kazuya was damn happy it was here: he wouldn’t have any time to organise after the twins’ arrival so it was good that he had the unrelenting energy now.

A small shop caught his eye and Kazuya stopped in front of the blackened out windows. Curious, he backed into the shop with the buggy and tried his hardest not to bump into anything. The inside of the shop was dark and warm; the only light came from numerous little candles littering the shelves.

“You look ready to burst, are you harbouring a parasite?” Kazuya jumped slightly when he heard an unknown voice, he looked towards the counter and smiled sheepishly at the pretty cashier.

“Un, two actually” The cashier grinned widely and Kazuya was surprised by the brightness of it, he came out from behind the counter then helped Kazuya push the buggy into a corner.

“You can tell me all about it then, I have recently caught my own parasite” Kazuya smiled at the man, he was a little strange but Kazuya hadn’t made any friends since moving here and he wasn’t in a position to be picky. Well he supposed Saito-san could be considered a friend; the woman would often come over and help with Hayato whilst her husband watched the bakery, but he was lacking friends of his own age.

“Akanishi Kazuya” Kazuya bowed his head slightly in greeting, a shout from Hayato drew his attention “And this is Hayato” He smiled at the little boy who was grinning at the two adults.

“Ueda Tatsuya” The two men smiled at each other “Do you want some tea? I have some that will help reduce swelling” Kazuya smiled and nodded.

“I hope you have a toilet though, these little bastards like to play football with my bladder” Tatsuya laughed as he left the shop floor, Kazuya unclipped Hayato and lifted the little boy out of his buggy. Hayato didn’t know what to make of this new place; it was dark and scary but it was also full of shiny things he doubted he was allowed to touch.

16th April – 38 weeks

“I’m sorry Kamenashi -”


“Oh my apologies, I’m afraid the babies are breech and are unable to be born naturally” Jin glared at the handsome doctor who, oh so conveniently, forgot that Kazuya was married. Kazuya sighed and chewed his lip nervously; they had been told a few weeks ago that the babies still hadn’t moved into the birthing position and that a caesarean was looking more likely, but Kazuya couldn’t afford to be on bed rest for more than a month.

“We really can’t wait a bit longer?” He looked pleadingly at the doctor but he was distracted as another contraction hit, he squeezed Jin’s hand as the older man rubbed his back reassuringly.

“Well considering you’re in labour I doubt we’ll be able to wait, I am sorry Akanishi-san but it’s safer for both you and your babies this way” Kazuya sighed in resignation which made the doctor smile slightly.

“I’ll inform the surgery team, we should prep you for surgery soon” The doctor left the couple alone in the ward, Kazuya turned to Jin with wide eyes.

“What are we going to do? There’s no way I’ll be able to do anything after this” Jin sighed then winced as Kazuya squeezed his hand as another contraction hit.

“We can always ask my mother to stay for a few weeks” Kazuya groaned at Jin’s suggestion; the woman had already given them so much and Kazuya would hate to have her sleep on a couch for a month.

“We’ll think of something love” Kazuya nodded and leant into Jin who kissed the top of his head and held his hand, trying not to wince so noticeably when Kazuya would squeeze. The doctor entered the room and smiled politely at the couple.

“Let’s get you to the operating theatre now” Kazuya let out a shaky sigh and looked at Jin, Jin kissed Kazuya and whispered some encouragement to his wife. He helped Kazuya get off of the bed then helped walk him across the ward and down the hallway to the operating room. Before Kazuya went into the room Jin embraced the younger man and planted soft kisses all over his face.

“Just a little while longer and we can see those monsters of ours Kazu love” Kazuya smiled at Jin and nodded. He squeezed Jin’s hand one last time before heading into the operating theatre; Jin watched with bated breath and just hoped all three of them would be okay.


“Thank you so much for looking after Hayato Saito-san” The old woman smiled at Kazuya before peeking into the cot which held the twins.

“They look a lot like you Akanishi-san” Kazuya bowed his head in thanks whilst Hayato stood on his tiptoes to try and see into the cot but was too small. He pouted at his mother who watched him with amusement, Jin eventually lifted up the little baby and instantly a look of wonder crossed Hayato’s face as he saw his brothers for the first time. He looked at his father with wide eyes and Jin laughed at the little boy.

“Aren’t your baby brothers cute?” Hayato nodded, his mouth opened in fascination when Ryu lifted his hand and started sucking his thumb. The little boy was completely enchanted by the twins; the twins had pretty much enchanted everyone though. Even Tatsuya couldn’t resist them.

Kazuya lay back down against the pillows and watched the scene with a content smile on his face. He was in pain and couldn’t leave the bed yet but he was just glad they were out of him. Kazuya smiled as Hayato bent down to kiss his baby brothers; yep all this pain was definitely worth it even if they the twins were little monsters.

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Jun. 30th, 2013 10:19 am (UTC)
Aww thank you! This was so cute! <3
I like the jealous from Kame and from Jin ^_^ Jin's jealously of the doctor just made me laugh from his inward thoughts ^_^ but day-mn Kame! He's not one shy guy <3 ^_^

But the rest of this was beautiful! To see baby Hayato was beyond cute! <3
I did like how you made Kame's mom an overly touchy person towards Pi ^_^ xxx
Jun. 30th, 2013 08:56 pm (UTC)
If Kame can hold hands with guys who share his view I'm sure he can show a bunch of girls who Jin belongs to XD
Hayato is such a damn cutie, I just want to pinch his cheeks >__<
Lol I was going to include a scene of Kame's mum molesting Jin but decided against it XD
Kame would get revenge; mother or not lol
Thanks for reading and commenting ♥
Jun. 30th, 2013 11:19 pm (UTC)
Ah that is very true! I know he trusts Jin buuuut, You go Kame-chan! You show the world! ^_^

you are amazing at writing! The way you wrote about Hayato was beyond cute, I just wanted to wrap him up in cotton wool! <3 XD

Awww I will admit I would have loved to have seen Kame getting revenge =D xx
Jul. 1st, 2013 08:07 am (UTC)
Thank you ^_^
Baby Hayato is actually based on my youngest nephew, and child Hayato is based on my oldest nephew so I guess that makes Hayato a little more realistic, well for me anyway XD

I think I'll do a shot of Jin meeting Kame's mother for the first time, the poor man would be traumatised XDDD
But even if Kame tried to get revenge he'd fail because mothers know everything lol