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Woes of an English Teacher
Push me a little bit more
One Day
Favours Don't Always Bring Good Karma
I Quit
That's What Friends Are For
An Otaku for You. Sequels: An Otaku for You 2 and 3 and Cosplay Drabbles
Screw You
Monkeys Throw Poo
Oh how I hate you (R)

Valentines Day
You and I
Writer's Block
Bow Wow
Sunday Afternoons (HayaRyu)
Oh Jin. Sequel: Oh Jin Part 2
Because ghosts can be fangirls too
Morning Coffee
Still Mad
Bye Bye Coffee
Little Drabble (R)
Trick or Treat
Pigeons are evil Sequel: Okay maybe pigeons aren't that bad, they're still vermin though
Soccer Coach
It's Protocol Sir
Jin the Evil Overlord
Sorry Captain
Barry Comes to Visit
Boyfriends Suck

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One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

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Real World:
Into the Real World
Get me out of the Real World
Okay so the Real World isn't so Bad (NC-17)
The Real World hurts sometimes
Because the Real World cares

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Then and Now (RyoKamePiN)
The Bet (KameDa) (R)
Just another day at the office (KameDa) (R)

Special Member Ai (KameDa)

I found this random table of prompts years ago (when I had my old account and would post fics there) and totally forgot about it until I started cleaning out my computer. Some of my earlier fics are actually due to these prompts although I gave them real (and lame) titles. After suffering writer's block I started fulfilling some of the prompts and well it has helped tremendously and so I have decided to start completing these prompts again.

The pairing used will primarily be Akame, however I will also use KameDa and probably some other pairings or just general KAT-TUNness. Even though some of them are old please feel free to leave comments because two of my favourite fics are on this yet hardly anyone has read them which pains me greatly >_< XD
Lol I hope you enjoy reading them ^_^

01. Spring             02. Summer           03. Autumn               04. Winter               05. Passing              
06. Coffee 07. Wine 08. Cake 09. Sweet 10. Sour
11. Friend 12. Family 13. Lover 14. Enemy 15. Stranger
16. Accident 17. Mistake 18. Deliberate 19. Right 20. Wrong
21. Infant 22. Child 23. Teenager 24. Adult 25. Old Age
26. Alien 27. Pirate 28. Onryo 29. Mermaid 30. Ghost
31. Rain 32. Snow 33. Storm 34. Sunny 35. Wind
36. Breakfast 37. Lunch 38. Dinner 39. Sunrise 40. Sunset
41. Beach 42. Mountains 43. Temple 44. City 45. Countryside
46. Rules 47. Obedience 48. Disobedience 49. Slave 50. Teacher

All old entries with a place in the above fic list will stay there whilst new entries will only use this table. Why? Because I'm lazy.


Jun. 15th, 2012 04:24 pm (UTC)
really looking forward to read your others fic, and i spot crack there. excited to read it!
if you don't mind, i add this into my f-list directory so i don't forget i'm a forgetful ><
Jun. 16th, 2012 10:17 am (UTC)
I hope you enjoy them ^_^