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Introducing me~~

Sorry your brain might die from reading this
You know it actually took five tries to get that subject line right -_-
So anyway, hi! ^_^
I'm not sure if you are actually interested in me so if you're not please move along
Although I'm sure you've done that by now
Bye bye (ToT)/~~~

So me...about me...
I'm Lauren, although I've been trying to get people to call me Princess or mistress...
It isn't going so well ¬_¬
But yeah I've been given a lot of nicknames throughout the years, most of which I don't want to repeat
But feel free to make up a new nickname for me

Okay I must tell you
I'm terrible at this
Seriously bad
So I'm just going to rant a little and go on about nothing in particular
And you're to enjoy it kay? ^_~

I'm 18 and I like to point at people when they fall
Then pretend I made them do that
I also like to pretend I'm controlling the weather when there's a storm
People think I'm flirting with them but actually I'm just nervous
I can't reject other people which has led me to many horrible, short term boyfriends
(Can they even be called boyfriends if you dumped them after like a week?)
My favourite turned out to be gay
Which may explain why I love Akame
Right now I'm listening to some advert for windows, and it's Dr.Dre's music stuff
And all I can think about is Akanishi Jin
Because it sounds like his stuff
I don't care how many years pass or how popular Jin Akanishi gets
He'll always be Akanishi Jin: the Bakanishi of KAT-TUN
I'm random and slightly neurotic
And I can go on and on for hours about one thing
(Mostly Kame...)
I'm terribly shy, especially online
It took me years to work up the courage to post in online communities 
Because I'm so shy
And the thought that there so many talented writers intimidates me
So everyone, just stop being so good ^_~
Lmfao no please don't T_T

I know I might seem cold and act like I don't like you
But I'm just so worried that I annoy you so I won't talk to you
So please if you do decide to add me on msn or something
Start the conversations?
Don't worry
It'll take a while but once I'm sure you don't hate me
I'll actually start talking to you normally 
And you'll regret it because I won't shut up
And I'll probably talk about sex...
A lot...

I don't know why
But I can't write smut
Although admittedly I'm getting better
But I just get so flustered
And start laughing 
And then someone stands behind me
(Like right now)
And reads what I write
And I panic
And my mother has already found my porn collection T_T
Yet I have too many kinks to list -_-
I'm an avid Akame fan
And have been for...
3/4 years?
I think it's four...
I also have a terrible memory
And I will forget your name/birthday/whatever you said five minutes ago
So uh please don't be offended? ^.^'
Speaking of offence
I will no doubt offend all of you at some point
Please be assured
I do not mean to
And I won't realise it
I just speak before thinking...
I've really gone on haven't I?
I must be boring you
I'm sorry T_T
But I love talking about myself 
You know the sad thing is...
I still don't know what bricked actually means
Okay so yeah...
I should hold myself back now
I just ranted and went on about uh
Nothing really
Oh yeah
I don't make sense
I just randomly splurt out sentences
And hope for the best
You know I was actually like going to my best friend
"Yeah we can be like Pin but you'd be Jin, I don't want to be the stupid one"
And she was like
"Uh wtf is Pin?"
And I was like
"But then again Yamapi has huge moobs...I have like none...and he has dead fish eyes...okay I've changed my mind you can be Yamapi"
"Who's Yamapi?"
"But I'm not as stupid as Jin"
*Internet cuts off*
*Searches the box for a possible reason, waits for hours, still doesn't come on*
"Oh fml T_T"
*After hours waiting...finds out I unplugged the connection...*
I don't know where that was heading actually...
Okay so ways to contact me
Twitter (just got it XD) - http://twitter.com/#!/wonotice
MSN - justobliviousx@hotmail.co.uk
Okay so um just in case...
Don't worry I'm revving myself up for rejection XDDD
But yeah um say who you are please
I keep getting porn people and random 40 year old men adding me
Oh man I'm so sorry for doing this XD
No progress at all was made!
I just like ranting
Oh ffs I'm leaving now
If I don't leave now I'll never leave ¬_¬
So hope to hear from you again~~~♥



Apr. 29th, 2011 10:22 am (UTC)
Gay porn is perfectly normal
Men watch lesbian porn so women can watch gay porn so nyeh
You're a tiny little sea creature? XDDDDD
Now I know why Jin is a seamonkey :P

You can hire Jaejoong if you want...I'll hire Kame ;D
And because he's such a neat freak he can clean my house too
And then I can tie him up and have my way with him~~~

And we'll be the ones who leaked those tapes lmao