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12 December
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Hi there ^_^
I don't really know, some of you may have read my stories on fanfiction.net where I have the same username. So yeah I'm not copying myself, well technically I am but meh.
So anyway, uh hi again...I'm sorry I'm really bad at this, so about me...
Well I live in a castle, with maids and butlers and I'm educated in many languages. I'm also a vampire and I kidnap pretty boys and make them dance for me on stage.
Oh wait...that's not me, that's Johnny.
Lol but seriously now, I'm pretty shy (okay painfully shy) especially online (it comes with being technologically challenged) but once I get comfortable and start talking I don't shut up (much to the chagrin of teachers and parents alike).
I'm pretty random, okay really really random and I'm also terribly KY. People say I can't take anything seriously: those are people I don't care about and so don't care about their serious topics ¬_¬
When I find something I like I want to share it with lots of people, unfortunately none of them care (because my friends are boring and have no taste lol kidding ily ♥). One of those things I really really love is KAT-TUN, lol what am I saying it isn't KAT-TUN it's just Akakame, jokes I love the back dancers too XD
Uh I may say something that is slightly insulting to you, but honestly I don't mean it T_T Like seriously I'm so bad with words and people, I say something I think is completely fine and then the person is totally insulted.
So in future I'm sorry about that, I honestly don't mean to insult you, it just sort of comes out that way.
So yeah have fun reading my fics?

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